This Workshop Will Be Available For On Demand Education


Kelli Phoenix Manifestation Systems Presents God Bubble Healing Systems Manifestation Workshop will have you manifesting like a pro in less time with less effort. Have your systems worked for you? Why not try something different? My workshops are not like anything you have ever done before. I show you how to let go and allow. Every minute of every day you are surrounded by White Light Push/Pull Systems that end up draining you of all your time, energy and resources. The God Bubble Manifestation Systems TM methods actually help you to direct yourself and heal yourself without spending any energy. You will have access to never ending supplies of energy after you successfully complete the workshop. Once you understand how the universe is structured, letting go and allowing is easy.

The PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY WORKSHOP level gives you space to clean the house or commute during the workshop. You can take the workshop while working or watching the kids. You can communicate through chat. You also get the rerun link so you can take the workshop again and again. No sharing! This is a PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY WORKSHOP where healing takes place by honoring other people’s journeys.

When you sign up for the workshop you are automatically enrolled in the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. This membership allows you to join the workshop LIVE and communicate through the chat. You can enjoy the rerun at your convenience. This is the ON DEMAND option.

If you would like to join the workshop through a VIP MEMBERSHIP, I am offering that through the same link. In VIP you will be able to join the workshop on camera LIVE. You will be seen by everyone in the PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY WORKSHOP. You will be able to ask questions and receive special attention during the workshop. There is a limit of 8 VIP MEMBERS with this workshop. You can sign up for the VIP MEMBERS option by simply purchasing the HEALING WORKSHOP twice. Make sure to add a note or write to me at and let me know you have signed up for the VIP instead of purchasing the workshop for yourself and another person. If signing up for the VIP is confusing, please send me an email and I can walk you though it.

Please let me know if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I do not charge anyone who is dying. Thank you to the ones who purchase this workshop as you allow me to continue to help those that don’t have long to live. Most people who take my workshops and classes are clear of cancer usually within 6 weeks.

Share this workshop opportunity on your social media. What a difference it would make to someone who is struggling.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

No Refunds

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