ON DEMAND Christ Aligned Son (Crystalline Sun) Activation Seminar Presented by The God Bubble Manifestation Systems


Christ Aligned Son (Crystalline Sun) Activation Seminar Presented by The God Bubble Manifestation Systems

This Workshop Will Be Available For On Demand Education


No Refunds


Have you been concerned about getting all your upgrades and downloads from the new sun? Do you feel the cloud cover is keeping you from experiencing the Golden Age? Are you experiencing headaches, body aches, sleeplessness, tiredness, stomach upset, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision and feelings of an altered reality? Are you awakening quickly and having a difficult time coping?

Are you spending too much time on social media trying to figure things out just to be more confused than when you started? This is the best place you can be to stop the madness and take control of your experience. You will gain energy with Kelli’s methods. No extra white light needed. She uses the tried and true method of letting go and allowing. This method will enable you to manifest anything you want.

In the one day seminar Kelli will be teaching you The God Bubble method of activating the avatar body with all the new codes you have been missing. She will create a map of your experience and have you manifesting your activations while you are learning relaxation techniques for manifesting your dreams. She helps navigate you through the Kelli Phoenix Manifestation Systems which will enable you to manifest in any area of your life, not just the activation codes.

Kelli will take you through meditations that you can play over and over again with your rerun link. Some may take the class by way of ON DEMAND. You will be automatically signed up for the ON DEMAND option simply by signing up for the seminar.

Share this opportunity with your friends and loved ones. It’s time for the immortals to wake up and remember who they are. Ye are Gods. After Kelli’s seminar you will feel like one. She specializes in helping you remember during your process of waking up.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

No Refunds



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