30 Day Manifestation Challenge

This Challenge consists of 30 sessions at least one hour long. We will coordinate a time each day to meet in a group to work together doing the 30 Day Manifestation Challenge. Instead of 30 days in a row, we will be meeting Monday-Friday for 6 weeks and will take the weekends off. Kelli calls this her everything class.


Manifest Now!

Manifestation Workshop

This workshop consists of a 90-minute warm-up, prior to participating in the 30 Day Manifestation Challenge. This is a mini introductory version of Kelli’s everything class.


Manifest Now!

*DISCLAIMER: At this time, we will not be able to serve those who are severely depressed and suicidal in this class. If you have been hospitalized for mental health or have been in a mental institution in the last year we will not be able to have you join any of the workshops.